Sunsets at Pier 60  

Clearwater Beach serves up some of the all-out best sunsets in the nation: a gorgeous day’s-end spectacle turning the Gulf of Mexico horizon into a veritable dreamscape.

With boutique beachside lodgings at Hotel Cabana, you’ve got any number of fine options for enjoying that daily drama. Among the very best-known is the evening soiree at Pier 60, less than a mile from our doorstep: a popular Clearwater Beach tradition that goes down 365 days out of the year (weather permitting, that is).

Marking Every Sunset With a Family-Friendly Party

The Sunsets at Pier 60 Daily Festival never takes the reliable splendor of sundown for granted. From two hours before till two after, this long pier and its adjoining shore turns into an all-out celebration, complete with street performers, arts-and-crafts vendors, and other all-ages delights. And it’s all free—just like the unbeatable natural show of the sun slipping beneath that Gulf skyline!

Buskers, Crafters, & More

Sunsets at Pier 60 has been a fixture of Clearwater Beach since the mid-1990s, and it’s truly a blast to check out. Buskers here run the gamut from fire-breathers, magicians, and jugglers to stilt-walkers, musicians, and living statues, delivering world-class entertainment to the delight of young and old. And whether you’re shopping for souvenirs or simply browsing, the Pier 60 crafters dazzle with the variety of their wares: jewelry and clothing, artwork and photography, and all manner of knickknacks. There’s also a playground on hand for the littler crowd, though good chance they’ll probably be even more mesmerized by the street artists.

Sunset Cinema at Pier 60

Friday and Saturday nights, meanwhile, the Pier 60 fun also includes the family-friendly outdoor movies of Sunset Cinema, which kick off at dusk. Upcoming films include Frozen (December 1), The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (December 2), Happy Feet (December 8), and Beauty and the Beast (December 9).

Admire the Clearwater Beach Sunset—and Make a Night Out of It—at Pier 60

Whatever day of the year you happen to be visiting us at Hotel Cabana, you can be assured of a great evening out just a short stroll or drive south at Pier 60. And hey, don’t forget: The sunsets from our stretch of beachfront are just as gorgeous as Pier 60’s (even if they don’t come with a whole cadre of street performers and artisans), so no matter what you’ll be treated to some Gulf Coast evening magic.

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