The best fishing anywhere in the world


  • Lots of fishing fun in the fishing capital of the United States
  • Surfcasting allows you to fish right from the beautiful beach
  • You’re guaranteed to catch fish


  • Fee includes: Daily license, Bait, Lines, All equipment
  • Must at least 10 years of age to participate
  • Please bring sunblock, bug spray, clothes to get wet in, hat, lightweight long-sleeve shirt

Ryan’s Qualifications:

  • Ryan has Florida saltwater and fresh water licenses, as well as a snook license.
  • For the Clearwater Aquarium, Ryan actively monitors the shark population and reports twice a month on the types of sharks he catches or observes, and on what date and time.
  • For the NOAA, Ryan performs shark tagging on a catch and release basis; NOAA tracks these sharks for the remainder of their lives.
  • Ryan’s famous catches: 120-pound tarpon off the beach, 42-inch snook, 20-pound jack cervelle, 12-foot great hammerhead shark (300 lbs)
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