Roadside Classic to Boutique Chic Hotel

Boutique luxury with some Key West-style flair awaits you at Hotel Cabana, smack dab in the sand-and-surf loveliness of Clearwater Beach. From the bright and well-appointed guestrooms and cabana suites to the tropically verdant courtyard and sparkling pool, you’re awash in best-of-the-best Sunshine State hospitality and ambience here.

But the appeal doesn’t end with the accommodations, amenities, and—oh, did we mention our location within a sea-bean’s throw of Gulf of Mexico beachfront? There’s rich history here, too—history redolent of a bygone era of Florida tourism.

Going Strong Since the 1940s

Hotel Cabana is the completely renovated and reborn incarnation of a long-running and much-loved home-away-from-home here on the Clearwater Beach seashore. Our establishment first came on the scene in 1947 as the single-story Coca Cabana, and spent many decades as a popular roadside motel of the sort once widespread all along that long and palm-studded Florida coastline. Before we launched its brand-new phase in 2017 as a redesigned and fully upgraded purveyor of boutique-chic lodgings, Hotel Cabana had mostly recently been known as the North Sunrise Motel.

Hotel Cabana: Proud to Carry on a Long Tradition of Clearwater Beach Hospitality

Our name, look, and amenities may be fresh, but we carry on some of the spirit of the Coca Cabana and our other forerunners here. It’s impossible to count how many guests stayed here for their Clearwater Beach vacation or business trip, but it’s remarkable to think of all the stories, all the memories minted on these venerable grounds.

Imagine all the classic cars that’ve pulled into the parking lot, all the different styles of swimsuits and beachwear that have been flaunted through our doorway, all the margaritas and ice-cold beer bottles that have been clinked in our neighborhood’s many beachside bars and all the happy feasts of fresh Gulf seafood that have gone down in the many restaurants.

We’re so honored to be steering the new-and-improved Hotel Cabana into many more decades of first-rate Clearwater Beach hospitality. We’re proud to continue a tradition better than a half-century old even as we dazzle our visitors with the utmost in modern boutique accommodations.

Experience Boutique Chic Luxury at Hotel Cabana!

So come enjoy absolutely perfect proximity to the salt-air, white-sand delights of Clearwater Beach (and all the nearby attractions of greater Tampa Bay)—and treat yourself to the snazziest in barrier-island lodgings here at Hotel Cabana as you do!

cabanaRoadside Classic to Boutique Chic Hotel